New PA DEP Well Transfer and Status Change Procedures Detailed

The Pennsylvania DEP has developed new instructions for handling oil and gas well transfers and status and ownership changes. DEP is asking operators that as they update their well inventories that they be aware of these requirements when they submit information back to the appropriate DEP district office. The instructions summarized here are in a Power Point presentation distributed by the DEP’s Seth Pelepko ( and readers are advised to contact Seth directly for a copy of his detailed presentation.

The presentation lists four areas of focus. They are 1) Well Transfers; 2) Well Status Changes; 3) Well Type Changes and 4) All Other Changes.

Well transfer details consume the largest portion of the presentation. Here operators are directed to complete the DEP’s Application for Transfer of Well Permit (5500-PM-OG0010) and to use the presentation’s checklist to ensure all necessary information is included. The checklist identifies the 7 steps operators must complete in addition to a permit holder resolution document. It is noted that the Department has 45 days from the date of receipt to approve or deny the transfer request. Part of this process involves the DEP completing a compliance history analysis of both parties involved in the transfer.

Well status changes require the operator determine the actual status of the well (plugged, inactive, active or never drilled) and to submit the proper documentation to DEP so they can make the necessary changes to their database.

Well types beyond production are storage, injection or observation. Any changes in the type classification must be submitted to the DEP along with the necessary documentation.

In conclusion the DEP notes that there can be other issues associated with transfers, status changes and type changes not covered in the presentation and readers are directed to call the DEP (717-772-2199) with any questions.

Gary Slagel, who most recently retired as the Senior Advisor of Environmental Affairs for CONSOL Energy, has joined the firm as a Government Affairs Specialist. Mr. Slagel is an engineering graduate from the University of Dayton and spent 35 years with CONSOL and CNX Gas in several capacities including Director of Environmental Regulatory Affairs and later Director of Government Affairs working on both coal and natural gas issues.
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